Pomegranate - Ruby


It is a multiple hybrid of pomegranate developed for aril colour and seed mellowness. A fully grown plant of Ruby is about 2.72 m tall and less spreading (4.7 m). The mature fruits resemble in size and shape the fruits of cv. Ganesh, however, the skin colour of Ruby is reddish brown with green streaks. The rind is thin (0.24 cm), fruit contains red bold arils (37.2 g/100 arils) which yield (72%) thick (1.83 cps) dark red (4.71 at 540 nm) sweet (16oB) juice having tanin content of 173 mg per 100 ml juice. Under Bangalore conditions its performance is comparable with cv. Ganesh in respect of seed softness (2.19 kg/cm2), fruit weight (270 g) and yield (16-18 tonnes/ha). Better adoptability to milder climate.