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Sample Heading

The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

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The Institute has twenty six committees constituted by the Director for implementation, monitoring and assisting him in various aspects.  The Chairman and Members of these committees are regularly meeting and review the progress of the work in consultation with Director, Senior Administrative Officer and Chief Finance & Accounts Officer.


Heads of Divisions  / Chairmen of various committees  meeting is being convened every month wherein discussions / review is held about scientific, administrative / accounts and other routine matters of the Institute. The proceedings of these meetings are being circulated and action taken is reviewed in the next meeting.  Director based on necessary also convenes meeting whenever required and reviews the progress of research, administrative/accounts and other matters etc.,  Director General and Deputy Director General (Horticulture), ICAR, whenever they visit the Institute, they review the various aspects and monitor the action taken.  The research programmes of the Institute are being regularly monitored by Project Monitoring and Evaluation UNIT (PME Unit). Half-yearly targets of various scientists are being systematically scrutinized. The ICAR constitutes Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for a period of three years. This committee headed by an eminent agricultural scientist will review every year the research achievements and also the future action plan.  The report of the committee is being submitted to Council for ratification. ICAR also constitutes Quinquenial Review Team (QRT) which reviews the research, administration and other aspects of the Institute for a period of five years. The recommendations of the committee are submitted to the Council and it will be discussed by the authorities involving the chairman and are ratified. Institute also holds its Institute Research Council (IRC) meeting every year. In this meeting all the scientists will be presenting their research work and is reviewed along with future action plan.  In this important meeting the RAC and QRT recommendations will be integrated into the existing research programmes based on the necessity.