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Report on celebration of “World Intellectual Property Day” 30th April 2024

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As per the information from ADG, IP&TM, New Delhi, ICAR-IIHR organised the World Intellectual Property Day with the theme “IP and Sustainable Development Goals: Building our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity at ICAR- Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) in the Dr. G. S. Randhawa Auditorium, ICAR-IIHR on 30th April 2024 under the chairmanship of Dr. Prakash Patil, Director, ICAR-IIHR.

The program started with lighting of lamp followed by ICAR and IIHR song. Dr. B. L. Manjunath, Nodal Officer ITMU welcomed the Chairman, Invited Speaker and all the scientific, technical and administrative staff and the students to the programme. He also, explained on IP week and importance of 26th April, 2024 as IP day, expressed his views on the role of IP in horticulture and overcoming the national problems.

Dr. R. Kalpana Sastry, Former Joint Director, ICAR-NAARM & Founder a-Idea, MD Aghub, PJTSAU, Hyderabad was key speaker in the event. Dr. R. Kalpana Sastry gave a bird‘s eye view of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) genesis and journey in field of IP. Dr. Sastry particularly highlighted the esteemed position of the ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-IIHR) in the national and international scientific community and stated that ICAR-IIHR is a "diamond mine" for technological innovations.

Dr. Sastry addressed the significance of combination of science and technology and legal aspects in the field of IP especially in the context of developing countries and suggested for the adoption of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models on a global scale, emphasizing the collaborative nature of modern innovation efforts. She elucidated how intellectual property serves as a pivotal tool for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly in horticulture sector. Dr. Sastry suggested tofocus on production system, post production system and socio cultural issues, explaining the green technologies, biotechnology offerings, digital horticulture 4.0, environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable food systems. She provided insightful case studies on Geographical Indications (GI), such as Madurai Malli and Kashmir Saffron, illustrating how these initiatives contribute to sustainable development by protecting and promoting unique regional products.   This was followed by discussion session and madam cleared the quarries raised by the scientific community of ICAR-IIHR. Dr. Sastry concluded the session stating that opportunities are lot and small tweet is required in current research.

The Director, ICAR-IIHR, Dr. Prakash Patil emphasized the importance of transitioning from merely developing technology as scientists to actively considering the business aspects and protecting intellectual property (IP). He encouraged gathering to go beyond the boundary and think as society and not get restricted to a domain and stated that IIHR is rich technology hub and make use of knowledge and technology. 

Dr. M. Thangam., Nodal Officer, BPD proposed the vote of thanks. The event was attended by the scientific, technical, administrative staff, students of the main campus and online through zoom link by the staff of Regional stations under ICAR-IIHR, KVK, Hirehalli and KVK, Gonikoppal and SHZTMC’S.