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Restoration of fertility in interspecific F1 hybrid between Solanum melongena and Solanum macrocarpon

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  • To  study the fertility  status of interspecific hybrids  between Solanum  melongena  and   Solanum macrocarpon
  • To  restore the fertility in interspecific F1 hybrids






Dr.Leela Sahjiram,


Dr.P.D.Kamala Jayanthi



  • Identified  method to restore the fertility of sterile F1 interspecific hybrid Solanum macrocarpon  x Solanum melongena
  • Six F2 s of the sterile F1 interspecific hybrids between  Solanum macrocarpon and Solanum melongena  and  3 BC1      plants have survived successfully from seeds under field conditions 
  • Successfully produced  F2 interspecific  hybrid  progenies  from  F1  interspecific hybrid   between cultivated Solanum melongena ( 2 BMG-1) and Solanum macrocarpon
  • 38 superior F2 inter specific hybrid recombinations from direct crosses (Solanum melongena and Solanum macrocarpon )   have been identified based on individual plant observation at field level among the segregating progenies for higher number of fruits/plant,yield and fruit and shoot borer infestation at field level in four direct cross combinations of Solanum melongena  x  Solanum macrocarpon
  • Based on field studies ,Solanum macrocarpon ,the wild species  of brinjal  recorded 0 % fruit borer infestation. In F2 segregating population, the mean fruit borer infestation (%) ranged from 4.36%   in  S.melongena (SM 6-6 )  x Solanum macrocarpon  to 15.58%  in S.melongena (2 BMG -1 x Solanum macrocarpon ) .The number of damaged fruits per plant ranged from 0-2 to 0-4  in F1 interspecific hybrids(direct cross)  and F2 segregating populations.