Born on 18-01-1940 in a remote village in Kerala, Sh. P.R. Ramchander completed his post-graduate degree in Mathematics in 1960 and obtained Professional Statisticians’ Diploma in Agricultural Statistics from the Indian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute, New Delhi, in the year 1963.

He carried out 37 years of scientific research in four different, premier agricultural Institutes as Head of the Section of Statistics. His specialized areas of interest include statistical applications to perennial crops, biometrical genetics, insect ecology and epidemiology. Some of his major achievements are his contribution to seedling selection technique in areca nut using Selection Index (which has since been included in the recommended package of practices for this crop), identification of suitable climate for growing extra-long-staple cotton, studies on statistical applications to insect ecology, development of software, for the first time in India, for comprehensive guidance of horticultural farmers and, also, several computer applications including systems analysis and modelling. He has published over 150 research papers, five popular articles and two books while in service.

He is a multi-faceted personality with hobbies such as cartooning, astrology, anthropology and history.

He was recognized as the ‘Fellow of Indian Genetic Society' in 1967 by Indian Genetic Society, New Delhi, and as `International Man of the Millennium’ and one of '2000 Outstanding Scientists of Twentieth Century ' by International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England, in 1999.

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