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Tiwari R.B.

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Principal Scientist & I/c Head
Division of Post Harvest Technology and Agricultural Engineering
Post Harvest Technology- Processing of fruits and vegetables through osmotic dehydration,vacuum impregnation, osmodehydrofreezing
M. Sc. Ag. (Hort), PhD
Research Accomplishments: 

Research experience 26years. The main research emphasis has been nutrient retention and evaluation of quality during processing and storage of processed products, blending of fruit juices and pulps to improve quality, retention of carotene and lycopene during vacuum concentration of mango and tomato pulps/juice respectively and dehydration and freezing of vegetables. Screening of fruits and vegetables varieties/hybrids for processing qualities. Present research interest are osmotic dehydration of fruits like mango and pineapple,papaya,banana,guava,jackfruit,aonla, vegetables carrot and pumpkin development of value added dried products from vegetables such as carrot, cauliflower, onion, French beans. Freezing preservation of vegetables and dehydro-freezing of fruit slices. Recent research interest is vacuum /pressure assisted osmotic dehydration of fruits and vegetables


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Technology for Osmotic dehydration of fruits- (mango, pineapple, papaya, banana, guava, aonla, jackfruit), Technology for making fruit bar ( mango, papaya, guava and their blends)
Awards & Recognitions: 


1) Recipient of United Nations University (UNU-Kirin) Fellowship for carrying out Post Doctoral Research at National Food Research Institute (NFRI), Tsukuba, JAPAN(2003-04)

2) Received Best Feature Article Award for paper on “Application of osmo-air dehydration for processing of tropical fruits in rural areas. Indian Food Industry 24(6):62-69”. Award was presented during ICFOST-2006 at Hyderabad.

3) Received “Dr JS Pruthi Award” for the year 2006 from Association of Food Scientist and Technologist Mysore (AFST-I) for contribution in the field of fruit and vegetable preservation. Invention: Osmotic dehydration of fruits-mango, pineapple, papapya, banana, aonla,jackfruit and guava, dried fig and fruit bar, dehyfdrofrozen mango and pineapple slices, frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables-onion,carrot, cauliflower, French Beans, mushroom

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A-1, Sai Dwarka Sriven Apartmnet No. 22 2nd Main, 3rd Crss, Sultan Palya RT Nagar Post Bangalore-560032
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No.A1, Sai Dwarka Sriven Apartment, No.22, 2nd Main, 3rd Cross, Sultanpalya, R.T.Nagar Post, Bengaluru-560032

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