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Use of essential oils & botanicals for the management of insect pests of vegetables (Ongoing)

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  1. To find out the suitable doses and method of application of commercially available essential oils  in insect pest management of vegetables
  2. To find out the suitable dose of sprays of oiled neem cake for insect  pest management
  3. To integrate neem soap, pongamia soap, neem cake sprays and essential oils and develop modules for in insect pest management of selected vegetables.




P. N. Krishna Murthy




Dr. H.R. Ranganath

K. Shivaramu


  1. Essential oils  were found effective in reducing thrips (Thrips rtabaci) in onion, capsicum and DBM in cabbage. Among essential oils, Basil (Tulsi) and mint were found highly promising.
  2. E.C. Formulations of  Basil and Mint  were developed and were found effective in reducing thrips (Scirtothrips dorasalis) in polyhouse conditions.  Sprays of Neem seed powder extract, neem soap and petrol extract of oiled neem cake  were also found effective in reducing thrips under polyhouse conditions
  3. In Okra sprays of  pulverized neem seed powder extract (NSPE), Neem soap (NS) given at 7 days interval from 10 days after germination  followed by only one spray of imidacloprid at 15 Days after  germination were found effective in reducing leaf hopper, borer and increasing yield
  4. Sprays of neem seed powder and neem soap were found to be effective on onion thrips and can be used as alternatives to synthetic insecticides in onion.
  5. Formulation of neem seed powder for spray and neem cake for soil application were developed.  These are being short listed for further evaluation.



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