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Sample Heading


Tomato - Arka Abhed

High yielding F1 hybrid with multiple disease resistance (ToLCV, bacterial wilt, early blight and late blight (Ph2 + Ph3) Plants are semi-determinate with dark green foliage, Fruits are firm, oblate round & medium large (90-100g).Suitable for summer, kharif  &  rabi cultivation.  Bred for fresh market & yields 70-75 t/ha in 140-150 days.

Tomato - Arka Rakshak

High yielding F1 hybrid with triple disease resistance (ToLCV, BW and early blight), fruits square round, large (90-100g), deep red colored, firm, suitable for fresh market and processing, yield potential 75-80 t/ha. in 140 days.

Tomato - Arka Samrat

High yielding F1 hybrid developed by crossing IIHR-2835 X IIHR-2832. First F1 Hybrid with triple disease resistance to ToLCV, BW and early blight. Fruits oblate to high round, large (90-110g), deep red and firm. Suitable for fresh market .

Tomato - Arka Alok

Open pollinated variety bred for fresh market, fruits on the lower clusters are round & large (120g) and in later formed clusters oblong & medium size (80g), firm with light green shoulder, resistant to bacterial wilt, yield potential 46 t/ha in 130 days

Tomato - Arka Abha

Open pollinated tomato variety for fresh market, fruits are oblate with light green shoulder, possess stylar end scar, average fruit weight of 75g., develops deep red colour on ripening., resistant to bacterial wilt, yield potential 43 t/ha 140 days

Tomato - Arka Ashish

Open pollinated variety bred for processing, fruits oval, very firm, thick fleshed with 2 locules,  excellent fruit colour (lycopene 10mg/100g), TSS 4.8%, tolerant to powdery mildew and fruit cracking, yield potential 38 t/ha in 130 days