Research Programs

Development of transgenic tomato resistant to early blight & Chilli for anthracnose (Ongoing)
Gene mining and trait based pyramiding for abiotic stress tolerance (Ongoing)
Endophytic and Molecular Microbiology – 1. Tissue culture systems in horticultural crops with reference to management and exploitation of endophytes. 2: Use of endophytic bacteria for alleviating Ralstonia wilt in tomato (Ongoing)
Development of Bt transgenic brinjal for resistance to the shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee (Ongoing)
Developing transgenic vegetable crops resistant to viruses in tomato against peanut based bud necrosis virus & combined resistance to PBNV & TLCV & watermelon against watermelon bud necrosis virus (Ongoing)
Developing transgenic fruit crops resistant to PRSV in papaya and Tristeza in citrus (Ongoing)
Electroporation mediated transgenic development using Xa21 gene (Ongoing)
Development of transgenic pomegranate cv. Bhagwa for bacterial wilt resistance ; Agrobacterium and Biolistic mediated transgenic (Ongoing)
Development of somatic embryogenesis protocols in pomegranate cvs Bhagwa and Ganesh for application in obtaining non-chimeric transgenics (Ongoing)
In silico mining of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for markers in horticultural crops (Ongoing)
Development of microsatellite markers in Okra (Abelmeschous esculantus L.Moench) (Ongoing)
Identification of SSR markers for screening of brinjal breeding lines against bacterial wilt and their integration in MAS (Ongoing)