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1 Disclaimer

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2 Spray Dried Avocado Powder
  • Avocado is a seasonal fruit with important nutraceutical and cosmeceutical properties.
  • This process technology involves spray drying avocado pulp homogenized with acidulant, emulsifier and encapsulating agent, at optimized conditions of inlet temperature, feed flow rate and encapsulator concentration.
  • High quality avocado powder, stable for more than three months at room temperature is obtained.
3 Embryogenic Cell Suspensions for mass multiplication of banana (cv Elakki bale)

Bananacv Elakki bale (AB) is one of the commercially grown cultivars in southern parts of India. Due to its low multiplication rate, the commercial propagation using apical meristems is unable to meet the growing demand for planting material. The large scale micropropagation of elakki bale using embryogenic cell suspension (ECS) has been developed (one lakh plants/embryogenic calli) and field evaluation of embryo derived plantlets showed normal phenotype as compared to sucker or shoot tip plants.

4 Marigold variety, Arka Madhu

French marigold photo insensitive variety with double coloured flower. Border is orange (RHS colour chart Orange group N-25C) and center is dark red (RHS colour chart red group 44-A). Plants are dwarf with spreading habit and floriferous.  Flowering is observed throughout the year.

  • Days to flower initiation:30-35 days after planting with a flowering duration of 6 weeks.
  • Duration of crop: 3 months
  • Flower size: 4.8 cm
  • Flower yield/acre:  5.8 tons/acre
5 Gerbera variety, Arka Pink
  • Average Stalk length more than 62 cm
  • Average Flower diameter more than 11 cm
  • Average number of flower are more than 2.8 flower/plant/month
  • Average vase life is more than 7.2 days
6 Gerbera variety, Arka White
  • Gerbera variety, Semi doubleflower with white colour and green disc
  • Average Stalk length more than 60 cm
  • Average Flower diameter more than 10 cm
  • Average number of flower are more than2.7 flower/plant/month
  • Average vase life is more than 7.0 days


7 Jackfruit Products


8 ICAR-IIHR developed new mango hybrid, Arka Suprabhath (H-14)

ICAR-IIHR developed a new double cross hybrid between Amrapali (Dashehari x Neelam) x Arka Anmol (Alphonso x Janardhan Pasand).

9 Solar Power Integrated Outdoor Mushroom Growing Unit

The present technology relates to the production of oyster mushroom by using low cost Solar Power Integrated Outdoor Mushroom Growing Unit which can be at both rural and urban levels. Presently most of the growers are using permanent or semi permanent structures for growing these mushrooms.

10 Mushroom value added products- A blend of tradition, nutrition and taste


Arka Mushroom chutney powder