Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Research Highlights

Sl No. Title Description
11 Power operated Onion detopper

De-topping is one of the unique operations in cultivation of onion crop and it is tedious, laborious and time consuming operation demanding huge labour to the extent of 12.5 man-hrs/t. This power operated onion de-topper consists of a feed conveyor for feeding cured onion crop, de-topping rollers for shearing the leaves, separate collection chutes for the de-topped onion bulbs and leaves, main frame, power and power transmission system. The onion detopper was powered by a three phase, 2 hp, 900 rpm electrical motor with necessary speed reduction gear box.

12 Interspecific Grafting- A strategy for mitigation of flooding stress in tomato

Tomato is most susceptible to flooding stress. Since there are no flood-tolerant tomato genotypes available, root-stock grafting is considered as an effective and simple technique to combat flooding conditions.

13 Arka Automatic Dibbler cum Seeder for Vegetable Nursery

The machine designed is suitable for 98 protray cell  which is widely used for vegetable nursery raising.About eight man hours are required to sow 10 trays /hr, whereas with this machine 150 protrays/hr can be sown. With this, the seedling production cost will be reduced which will lead to reduce in input cost of farming. The present machine was calibrated for sowing tomato, capsicum, brinjal and chilli seeds.  There was 94% pick up by the machine sown trays and % germination by machine and manual methods were on par.

14 Arka Mechanized Raw Jackfruit Peeler

It hastens the process of peeling by five times as compared to the manual traditional peeling by using knife. This hassle free and quick method of peeling can process 4-5 kg weighing jackfruit in less than five minutes.

15 Arka Borer control (Improved version of Sealer cum Healer for the control of Mango stem borer)

The innovated formulation consists of several inert materials to serve as carrier and herbal oils to be effective for one season without adding any insecticide. The swabbed formulation worked as repellent and as well as curative treatment to neutralize the eggs, early instars of larvae and grubs living on stem. It was significantly superior to control by avoiding infestation up to 8 weeks in laboratory trial and for 4 months in the field and  is suitable for both low and heavy rainfall areas, can be applied as an effective prophylactic measure.

16 Integrated management of tomato moth, Tuta absoluta on tomato under polyhouse conditions:

Tomato moth, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) is one of the major invasive pests of tomato with a potential to incur 100 % yield losses particularly under tomato grown under polyhouse conditions.   The effective package for the control of Tuta consists of use of incandescent bulb @ one bulb/150 m2  +  1 pheromone trap/300 m2 + need based spray of spinosad 0.25 ml/l/flubendiamide @ 0.20 ml/lin rotationat 3 weeks interval.  Coinciding with the peak emergence of the Tuta adults, spray of decamethrin 2.5 EC @ 1 ml/l f

17 High yielding, rust resistant pole type French bean variety, Arka Sukomal:

High yielding rust resistant pole bean variety. Plants are indeterminate which grow more than 2.0m in height. Variety takes 60 days for 1st harvest. Pods stringless, oval, green and long (23 cm). Ten pod weight:87 g. Yield potential :24 t/ha in 100 days. Suitable for both kharif & rabi seasons.

18 Muskmelon high yielding variety, Arka Siri:

It is in Tuscan cantaloupe background.  This selection is high yielding with 25t/ha as against Arka Jeet which gave 17t/ha. This selection has high TSS (12-13%) and good shelf life (5-10 days under ambient conditions), 75-80 days maturity; fruits are elongated globe shaped with brownish yellow rind color, medium netting and musky, firm, juicy dark orange flesh.

19 High yielding, powdery mildew tolerant Capsicum hybrid, Arka Athulya:


20 Multiple disease resistant Tomato hybrid, Arka Abhed (H-397)

High yielding F1 hybrid with multiple disease resistance to Tomato Leaf Curl Disease (Ty2+Ty3), Bacterial wilt, Early blight and Late blight (Ph2+ Ph3). Plants are semi-determinate with dark green foliage. Fruits are firm, oblate round & medium large (90-100g). Suitable for summer, kharif & rabi cultivation. Bred for fresh market & yields 70-75 t/ha in 140-150 days.