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51 Dipping of fruits in mango wash

Dipping of fruits in mango wash Mango blackening caused by sooty blotch and flyspeck (SBFS) complex is a kind of cosmetic skin problem and causes only superficial damage on the mango fruit surface. The fungi that cause them, grow on the surface of the cuticle and do not damage the fruit itself. But cause losses in commercial mango production because affected fruits are rejected in fresh market grades to much cheaper rate which causes financial loss to the mango growers and traders. As such there is no technology available in India to remove this malady of mango.

52 ICAR-IIHR developed two Ridge Gourd Varieties

ICAR-IIHR Developed two Ridge Gourd Varieties Arka Prasan: This open pollinated ridge gourd variety has been identified for release by the Institute VTIC during 2016. Early flowering and first female flower appears at 9th node from the base of the vine. Takes 34-35 days for the first female flower appearance and 42-45 days for first picking of fruits. Produces green, long, tender fruits. Excellent cooking quality, nutritionally rich in antioxidant activity and minerals like phosphorus, Calcium and zinc. Yields 26.0 t/ha in 120-135 days duration.

53 Biological control of Mango inflorescence hoppers Idioscopus spp

Biological control of Mango inflorescence hoppers Idioscopus spp Mango is an important subtropical fruit in India, with high commercial value in internal and export markets. Among the insect pests mango inflorescence hoppers Idioscopus spp at flowering is the most serious.Infestation of the hoppers cause withering of flowers, sooty mold formation due to honey dew secretion resulting up to 100 percent loss in fruit setting and thereby on yield. Presently insecticidal control is recommended for the management of mango hoppers.