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B.M. Muralidhara

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Scienntist (Fruit Science)
CHES, Chettalli
Research Accomplishments: 

(During the Period of 2019-2023) 

  1. Contributed in development avocado variety Arka Coorg Ravi which is having high yield, high pulp recover (>80%)
  2. Contributed in evaluation of three cashew hybrids/variety with special traits: jumbo nut type: Nethra ganga (H-130) & Nethra Jumbo-1; Dwarf type: Nethra Vaman
  3. Associated in development of genomic resourcesand reported the first draft genome (356 Mb, 92% BUSCO) and shoot transcriptome in cashew
  4. Involved in development of Novel SSRs (90 genomic SSRs, 36 genic SSRs) in cashew: Population structure analysis showed three sub populations in cashew.
  5. Developed a Soft wood grafting - A novel and rapid multiplication technique in Coorg mandarin will helpful in speed up the healthy planting material production.
  6. Contributed in development of phenological scale for cashew based on BBCH principles, which will useful for cashew research and production.
  7. The 83 diverse accessions of avocado were collected from different parts of India and characterized for morphological, biochemical and molecular traits.
  8. Evaluated one hundered ninty nine mango genotypes for biochemical traits: Identified four carotenoids rich genotypes which are having more 10 mg carotenoids per 100g of pulp (H-4509 H-3432 H-4252 and H-3946).
  9. Contributed in development ultra density planting system in cashew, which will useful in improvement of cashew productivity/doubling farmer’s income.
  10. Associated in development three copy right software on cashew: Cashew Leaf Diognosis, DCR-Cashew Drip/Fertigation calculator, DCR-Cashew Nutrient Manager Offline


Varieties / Technologies Developed: 


  1. Contributed in development avocado variety Arka Coorg Ravi and Cashew variety Nethra Vaman
  2. Contributed in evaluation of two cashew hybrids with Nethra ganga (H-130) & Nethra Jumbo-1

(Best 10/High Impact)

  1. Muralidhara, B. M., Savadi, S., Adiga, J. D., Manjunatha, K., Lokesha, A. N., Veena, G. L., Thondaiman, V. & Manjesh, G. N. (2023). A First Report on Morphological and Biochemical Characterization of a Rare CNSL Free Cashew Mutant. National Academy Science Letters, 1-4. [NAAS 2023: 6.65]
  2. Muralidhara, B. M*., Sakthivel, T., Karunakaran, G., Venugopalan, R., Venkataravanappa, V., Savadi, S., Karthik Nayaka V.S., Shivashankara K.S. & Honnabyraiah, M. K. (2023). Survey, collection and characterization of Indian avocado (Persea americana Mill.) germplasm for morphological characters. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 93(2), 139-144. [NAAS 2023: 6.37]
  3. Muralidhara, B. M*., Veena, G. L., Rajan, S., Hudedamani, U., and Bhattacharjee, A. K. (2020). Screening of mango hybrid population for identifying nutritionally rich hybrids-A special focus on carotenoids. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 77(3), 399-405. [NAAS 2023: 6.0]
  4. . Muralidhara, B.M*.,Veena, G.L., Bhattacherjee, A., and Rajan, S. (2019). Antioxidants in ripe peel and pulp of twelve mango (Mangifera indica) cultivars. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 89(10), 1580-4. [NAAS 2023: 6.37]
  5. Nayak, M.G., Muralidhara, B.M*., Janani P. and SiddannaSavadi. (2020). Performance of cashew (Anacardium occidentale) varieties under different planting density for growth and yield traits. Indian Journal Agricultural Sciences, 90 (8): 1453–9. [NAAS 2023: 6.37]
  6. Muralidhara, B.M*., G.L. Veena, S. Rajan, A.K. Bhattacharjee and U. Hudedamani. (2019). Profiling of major biochemical compounds for identification of nutritionally rich genotypes in mango. Journal Environmental Biology, 40: 177-82. [NAAS 2019: 6.7]
  7. . Savadi, S., Muralidhara, B. M., Venkataravanappa, V., Adiga, J. D., Manjunatha, K., & Patil, B. (2022). De novo transcriptome assembly and its utility in development and characterization of the first set of genic SSR markers in cashew. Industrial Crops and Products, 189, 115734. [NAAS 2023: 12.45]
  8. Savadi, S., Muralidhara, B. M., Godwin, J., Adiga, J. D., Mohana, G. S., Eradasappa, E., & Karun, A. (2022). De novo assembly and characterization of the draft genome of the cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.). Scientific Reports, 12(1), 18187. [NAAS 2023: 11]
  9. Savadi, S., Muralidhara, B. M., and Preethi, P. (2020). Advances in genomics of cashew tree: molecular tools and strategies for accelerated breeding. Tree Genetics and Genomes 16 (5), 1-15. [NAAS 2023: 8.40]
  10. Savadi, Siddanna, J. D. Adiga, B. M. Muralidhara, Pramod Prasad, K. Manjunatha, K. Ashwitha, Gokul Mohan, Manju Manuel, and K. Manoj. (2023). Discovery of genome-wide genetic variations and development of first set of InDel markers for genetics research in cashew. Scientia Horticulturae, 320, 112233. (NAAS 2023: 10.34)
  11. Savadi, S., Sowmya, K., Megha, V. S., Muralidhara, B. M., and Mohana, G. S. (2020). Genetic diversity and identification of interspecific hybrids of Anacardium species using microsatellites. Brazilian Journal of Botany, 1-10. [NAAS 2023: 7.37]

Book Chapter

  1. Nayak, M. G., Muralidhara, B.M. and Preethi. P. 2018. Quality Graft Production Technology in Cashew. PP. 55-59. In book: Cashew Technology Handbook.
  2. Nayak, M. G. and Muralidhara, B.M. 2018. Cashew Varieties: Recent Developments in India. PP. 11-13. In book: Cashew Technology Handbook.
  3. Nayak M.G. Muralidhara, B.M. and Shamsudeen M. 2018. Innovative production technologies to enhance production and processing of cashew. National conference of Cashew (Souvenir). PP. 28-37.
  4. Ashok Kumar, Tarun Adak, Muralidhara B.M., Atul Singha and Veena G. L. (2016). Cost Effective Protected Cultivation of Strawberry under Subtropical Lucknow Conditions. Climate change and its implications on crop production and food security. Mahima Publications Pp 161-164.
  5. S.R. Singh, V.K. Singh, Manoj Kumar Soni, Anurag Singh and B.M. Muralidhara, 2015. Prospects of exotic vegetable production under protected cultivation in India. National workshop cum- seminar on Emerging prospects of protected cultivation in Horticultural crops under changing climate. Pg no: 57-64.


Associated in development three copy right software on cashew: 1.Cashew Leaf Diognosis 2.DCR-Cashew Drip/Fertigation calculator 3.DCR-Cashew Nutrient Manager Offline
Awards & Recognitions: 


  1. Young scientist Award from EET CRS Top-25 Academicians/Researchers/Scientists for the year 2018
  2. Young scientist Award from Agriculture Technology Development Society (ATDS) for the year 2019
  3. Young scientist Award from ASTHA Foundation for the year 2020
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