Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Exploitation of stock-scion interactions for canopy vigor management and sustainable productivity (Mango, guava, annona & jackfruit) (Ongoing)

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R.M Kurian

R. Chithiraichelvan

K.K. Upreti (Pl. Phy.)

R. Venugopalan (Ag. Stat.)





  • In stock-scion interaction studies of mango cv. Totapuri of 6 years old, vegetative parameters were found to be non-significant among the different rootstocks. However, maximum plant spread and plant girth was recorded with Olour rootstock and minimum was with Vellaikulumban rootstock.
  • Fruit yield and quality parameters were found to be non-significant among different rootstocks.



  • Grafting with different species of rootstocks have been completed and the grafted plants will be field planted in the ensuring monsoon season.



  • Field planting of different stock-scion combinations have been completed and are being maintained.



  • Seedling trees were observed to be more vigorous as compared with all the rootstock treatments tried and the differences among the treatments were significant except for scion girth.
  • The rootstock Hebbalasu (Artocarpushirsutus) recorded higher values for tree height (1.2 m) and tree spread (0.53 m) and was more vigorous compared with other rootstocks tried.
  • The rootstock treatment Artocarpushypergyrens (watehuli) was least vigorous and poor in growth as compared with other treatments.