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Central Horticultural Experiment Station(CHES), Bhubaneswar

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Dr. Gobinda Chandra Acharya

Principal Scientist  & HEAD, 

Central Horticultural Experiment Station 

(Regional research station of ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru),

Aiginia, Bhubaneswar - 751019

Odisha, INDIA

Central Horticultural Experiment Station, Aiginia, Bhubaneswar a regional station of  ICAR -Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore was established on 6th November 1992. The Station is located in Aiginia which was founded and inaugurated by Dr. Balram Jakhar, Union Minister of Agriculture and Co-operation, Govt. of India and President, Indian Council of Agriculture Research. The station has approximately 40 hectare area. Ever since the station has progressed substancially in achieving its mission and mandates. The station is primarily working on genetic resource management, production, protection technology and transfer of technology. The station is also working on many externally aided projects to bridge the identified gap in achieving the objectives. The Station has developed different varieties and technologies to suit the agro-climatic conditions of the eastern region and propagated them in best possible mechanisms available to different parts of the State of Odisha and other parts of Eastern India as per the mission of “Development and dissemination of sustainable technologies for enhanced horticultural productivity, quality and profitability”. Now the station has office and laboratory, research farm under micro irrigation system, ATIC, training hall and nursery unit.


Technological excellence for nationally competitive horticulture in eastern region


Development and dissemination of sustainable technologies for enhanced horticultural productivity, quality and profitability.


  • To conduct applied & strategic research to enhance productivity, quality, utility and sustainability of horticultural crops including future vegetables and mushroom for Eastern region.
  • To act as a repository of horticultural genetic resources and their management required for the region.
  • Transfer of technology, impact assessment and human resource development in Horticultural Crops

Research Achievements

A. Plant genetic resource

Collection, conservation, evaluation and utilization of germplasm of fruits and vegetables as well as identification of varieties and hybrids suitable for the region were important activities of the station. The numbers of germplasm lines and varieties have been collected, maintained and being evaluated at the station.


Total collection

Fruit crops








Annona sp.


Underutilized fruit crops




Vegetable crop


Ivy gourd


Pointed gourd


Spine gourd


Teasel gourd


Bitter gourd


Sweet gourd










Leafy vegetables




Grand total



  • IC numbers for 81 mango germplasm, Solanum melongena-2 and Momordica suboica-1 have been obtained.
  • Capsicum chinense:  IC 553688 (INGR 13068) a unique Germplasm has been registered with NBPGR.
  • Coccinia grandis: (INGR 09126) a unique germplasm of ivy gourd has been registered with NBPGR.

Establishment of Mango Gene Bank 

 A mango gene bank has been jointly established by CHES (IIHR), Bhubaneswar and Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Odisha at the State Horticulture Farm, Dhenkanal.  The gene bank will act as a repository of mango germplasm and varieties.  The station will transfer all its mango germplasm (103) and varieties (51) to State Horticulture department following the Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) norms.  The ex situ establishment of gene bank is first of its kind in which State Department and ICAR jointly perceived the need of conservation of germplasm for their better exploitation.  The germplasm will also be available to the scientists for their research purposes.

B. Technologies

a) Varieties released

Following varieties have been developed at CHES (ICAR-IIHR), Bhubaneswar.




Breeding tool used

Specific Characters



Arka Neelachal Kesari

Clonal Selection

Extra early (ripening in March), Colour, high yield and fruit fly free in coastal Orissa

Custard apple

Arka Neelachal Vikram

Clonal Selection

High yield, low seed content, high keeping quality.

Rose apple

Arka Neelachal Akshay


High fruit weight pulp content, low incidence of fruit fly

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Arka  Neelachal Prabha

Mass Selection

Upright growth, heavy fruiting, dark green fruit, also suitable for red chilli


Arka Neelachal Shyama

Mass Selection

High yield, round light purple fruit with soft pulp suitable for frying.


Arka Neelachal Yodha

Mass Selection

High yielding, good quality, green, oblong fruit

Spine Gourd

Arka Neelachal Shree


High yield,  good appearance, high market preference

Arka Neelachal Shanti (Hybrid)


The variety exhibits plant and flower morphology more similar to teasel gourd while its fruit morphology is more close to spine gourd.

Teasle gourd

Arka Neelachal Gaurav


High yield, soft seed, high market preference.

Ivy gourd

Arka Neelachal Khunkhi


Extra-large fruit, soft texture, high yield, suitable for salad also.

Arka Neelachal Sabuja


High yield, hardy plant type,   tolerance to bruishing.

Pointed Gourd

Arka Neelachal Kirti


High yield, solid core, soft seed, high market preference.

Dolichos Bean

Arka Neelachal Pushti


Bold seeded, high yielder as rich in protein content and micronutrient


Arka Neelachal Ruchitha



Resistant to white rust, multi-cut, green and fleshy stem

Arka Neelachal Vrichitha



Resistant to white rust, pulling type, green with purple blotch

Arka Neelachal Bainishi


Resistant to white rust, pulling type, green with purple with pink stem



Name of machinery

Specific Characters


Jackfruit peeler


Arka Neelachal Raw jackfruit peeler

The semi-manual machine hastens the process of peeling of raw jackfruit as compared to the manual traditional peeling using knife. Peeling of 3-4 kg weighing jackfruit can be completed in less than five minutes.


Arka Neelachal Fertreedrill


Suitable for fertilizer applications in fruit crops.

Delivery rate: 4-10 kg/ minute

-Coverage: 1-2 ha/day

-Cost effectiveness: › 200 %

-Labour efficiency: › 500 %

c) Promising fruit varieties identified for the region

d) Production technologies



Brief description


Mango-based intercropping models

Sweet potato-cowpea-amaranth and cowpea-tomato-okra combinations as intercrop were found to be the best in terms of economic returns. Miniature fruit crops like pine apple grown in 50-60% inter space in young mango orchard has also been found equally remunerative.


Fertigation in Banana

75% recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF*)

*RDF=200 : 80 : 220 g NPK / plant

3:2:1 (NPK ratio) and 75:20:27.5 (NPK dose) for vegetable growth.


Nutrient management in guava

Different doses of NPK influenced the growth and fruit yield of guava variety Allahabad Safeda after 7th year imposition of treatment


Single trellis system for cucurbits

Suitable for pointed gourd, bitter gourd, spine gourd, teasel gourd, ivy gourd



e) Protection technologies

On-going externally aided projects

  • Tribal Sub-plan on Promotion of Horticulture for Tribal Livelihood (TSP)
  • Development of National database on mango (DBT funded project)
  • Consortium Research Platform (CRP) on Borers (ICAR)
  • All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Vegetable crops (ICAR)
  • All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Fruits (ICAR)

Extension activities

  • Planting material supply of new varieties / hybrids of the fruits and vegetables to farmers / state government.
  • Farmers group visits
  • NGOs sponsored trainings
  • Government sponsored trainings
  • On-campus training to Government officers
  • On campus training
  • Off campus training
  • Kisan Ghosti/ day /Mela
  • Stall for demonstration of technologies
  • Publication of extension literature
  • Trellis technology has been adopted by State government.
  • IPM scheme in mango implemented.      

Human Resource Development in the Horticulture Sector

100 students in 7 batches (Horticulture vocational) have completed their one year practical training.  Six M Sc (Biotechnology) students of Trident Academy of Creative Technology (affiliated to Utkal University) carried out their project work at CHES, Bhubaneswar.

Other activities at CHES

  • Farm advisory services, demonstrations, technological support to State department of horticulture, farmers, NGO’s, officers from different institutes, other entrepreneurs etc.

Facilities created

Infrastructure : Office cum Laboratory Building, Conference hall, Central laboratory, Exhibition hall, Library, ATIC, Training hall, Farm unit, Net/poly house, Potting shed, Vermicompost unit, Bore well and Water harvesting ponds etc.

Equipment/Machinery : HPLC, Spectrophotometer, PCR machine, Gel documentation unit, Stereozoom microscope, Autoclave, Electronic weighing balance, Laminar flow cabinet, Generator, Tractor/power tiller, Hedge pruner/weed cutter etc.

Events Organized



Research papers:98, Popular Articles / News:68, Book chapters:18, Extension bulletins:12, Extension Folders:19, Books:13 and Paper Presented in Seminar/Symposium:146


Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Odisha, RC-CTCRI, Bhubaneswar, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, CIFA, Bhubaneswar, CISH, Lucknow, CIWA, Bhubaneswar, AICRP (Fruits), IIHR, Bengaluru, AICRP (Vegetables), IIVR, Varanasi, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, NABARD, National Horticulture Board

Prominent visitors: Many distinguished personnel have visited the station like


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Gobinda Chandra Acharya Principal Scientist (Hort.) & Head
Kundan Kishore Principal Scientist (Hort. - Fruit Science)
Srinivas Petikam Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology)
A.V.V. Koundinya Scientist (Senior Scale)
Vaisakhi K C Scientist
Meenu Kumari Scientist (Hort.);
Deepa Samant Scientist (Hort.);
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Jagadish A.M. Technical Assistant (Driver-Workshop)
Shivaraj.D.T Technician(Field/Farm)
Lijina Technical Assistant(Lab)
Giriraja Naik Technical Assistant(Lab)
Deepa.T J Technical Assistant(Library)-T3
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Mohapatra B Asst Finance & Accounts Officer