Sample Heading

Sample Heading


The products that can be prepared from major fruits are:

  •  Mango: Pulp, canned juice, canned slices, osmotically dried slices, beverages, fruit bars, jams.
  •  Grapes: Wine, Raisin, RTS beverage, concentrated beverages, canned berries.
  •  Banana: Chips, beverages, clarified juices, mixed fruit jam.
  •  Pineapple: Canned slices, RTS beverage, concentrated beverages, canned juice, fruit bars etc.
  •  Papaya: Tutti-frutti, fruit bar, mixed fruit juices, mixed fruit jam.
  •  Passion fruit: Concentrated juices, blended juices.
  •  Butter fruit: Bread spread
  •  Custard apple: Beverages, mixed fruit jam.
  •  Guava: Clarified fruit juices, jelly, jam.
  •  Apple: Juice, jam, fruit bar.

Normally at ambient conditions of storage the processed products will have a minimum shelf life of 6 months. Canned products will have one year shelf life at ambient conditions of storage itself. The shelf life of others can be doubled by storing at refrigerated conditions.

24 plants should to be sampled to get better estimate in Cabbage.

Andrographis paniculata-kalmegh Coleus forskohlii-coleus Pogostemon patchouli -Patchouli leaves Gymnemaq sylvestre-Madhunashini Ocimum sanctum-Tulsi Phyllanthus amarus-Bhumi amla

Andrographis paniculata Coleus forskohlii Patchouli leaves Gymnema sylvestre Tulsi Phyllanthus amarus Brahmi

1) Natural Remedies Pvt limited 2) Himalaya Drug Company 3) Sami Labs

36 plants should to be sampled to get better estimate in Carrot.

Yes. Association for Pomotion of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (APMAC) is operational to guide the growers and the users of medicinal/aromatic crops in the Karnataka State and as well for the neighboring states. The meeting will be held once in 2 months and the exact date may be obtained from Secretary, APMAC, Division of Horticulture, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore 560 065 and from Principal Scientist & Head, Section of Medicinal Crops, IIHR, Bangalore- 560 089

The most ideal rootstocks for rose are 'Rosa multiflora' and 'Nishkant' (Thornless) rootstocks for South Indian conditions and Rosa 'Indica' for North Indian conditions.

We cannot do budding on same variety of rose.

Mullu hybrid, Sophia loren, Gladiator, Happiness, Bull's red and Queen Elizabeth

Some select varieties like Grand gala, Naranga are cultivated by farmers around Bangalore under open conditions.

Nurserymen's co-operative society at Lalbagh, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research , Bangalore will supply the varieties released by the centre.

Bird of Paradise and Marigold can be grown in dryland.