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Division of Fruit Crops

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About us

The Division of fruit crops was started in 1968 to cater the research and development needs in tropical and subtropical fruits at national level. This division is mainly working on the genetic improvement, development and refinement of fruit crops. This division is also offering courses on breeding of fruit crops and national problems in fruit crops to the Post Graduate students of Fruit Science.


  • To carry out the basic, strategic and applied research for higher productivity, quality and utility of fruit crops in tropical agro-climatic zones of India.
  • To be the National Active Germplasm Sites (NAGS) for major fruit crops and their effective management
  • To conduct teaching and training programmes for development of human resources.

 Thrust Areas

  • Breeding for yield, quality, and biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • High density planting (HDP), Canopy management, Crop regulation and Stock-Scion interaction in tropical fruits.
  • Fruit crop based farming systems
  • Intercropping in pre-bearing fruit crop based orchard systems.  

Field Gene bank’ collections at present ;

  • Mango –                       :767  
  • Pomegranate -           : 265
  • Grapes -                        : 20  
  • Jackfruit -                      :171  
  • Guava -                        : 67   
  • Jamun  -                       :95  
  • Sapota -                        :52  
  • Papaya -                      :35   
  • Custard apple -          :48 
  • Pummelo-                    : 35
  • Bael                           : 119
  • Tamarind                   : 58
  • WoodApple               :16
  • Dragonfruit                :6
  • Avocado                   :47
  • Garcinia                     :32



 Mother plants field gene bank

The Division maintains mother banks of all released varieties in an area about 20 acres for multiplication purpose.

Research field facility : 130 acres

Division of Fruit Crops offers training to the fruit growers and entrepreneurs on “ Assisted  Pollination in Arka Sahan” and “Seed production in Papaya”







Dr. M. Sankaran

Principal Scientist & Head

Division of Fruit Crops


Phone:080-23086100 (Extn:297)