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PG Education in Horticulture Sciences

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The Institute has its wings also spread beyond the Indian shores and is sought after for training and collaboration by horticulturists from other parts of the world, especially, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and SAARC countries. There is a strong linkage between the Institute and several International Institutions like ADB, AVRDC, DFID, FAO, IPGRI, SA VERNET, UNU-KIRIN, UTFANET, World Bank etc. Exchange of scientists between the Institute and other centres takes place regularly.

The Institute has also developed research linkages with several organizations at the national level. These include bodies like Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSlR), Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), National Seed Corporation (NSC), Ministry of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (both Government of India) etc. In addition, the Institute through its coordinated and collaborative research programmes has strong bonds with several ICAR Institutions, Universities, Horticultural Departments etc

The Institute also collaborates with University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Kuvempu University, Shimoga, Allahabad Agriculture University, Allahabad (Deemed University) and BITS, Pilani JNTU, Hyderabad in the field of Post Graduate Education and Research

The Institute has been identified as a participating country in the United Nations Environmental Protection – Global Environmental Facility under the proposed project entitled “Conservation and sustainable use of cultivated and wild tropical fruit diversity promoting sustainable livelihood, food security and eco system services.

The list of important collaborating institutes is given below

International Collaboration

  • Bioversity International UNEP/GEF project on Conservation and sustainable use of cultivated and wild Tropical fruit diversity: Promoting sustainable Livelihoods, Food security and Ecosystem services
  • Sultanate of Oman - Mango Tree Encyclopedia

National project Collaborations

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi

Net work Projects

  • Transgenics in Crops – Functional Genomics in land
  • Harnessing arbuscular mycorrhizae for bio-fertilization in horticultural crops
  • Impact of climate change and adaptation strategies in horticultural crops: tomato, onion and grapes”
  • Management of sucking pests on horticultural crops
  • Diagnosis and management of leaf spot diseases of field and horticultural crops
  • Assessment of gender issues, Identification and Refinement of selected women specific technologies in Horticultural Crops- A Network project with Directorate of Research on women in Agriculture


  • Sub Project on Mobilizing Mass media support for sharing Agro information
    • NIANP, Bengaluru
    • Directorate of Sorghum Research, Hyderabad ,
    • Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad
    • Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad
    • UAS, Bangalore
  • VPAGe
  • Inter Institutional with IASRI Strengthening statistical computing for NARS
  • AGROWEB - Digital Dissemination System for Indian Agricultural Research

AICRP projects

  • AICRP on vegetable crops
    • Trials on Tomato- Disease Resistance ToLw & BW
    • Trials on French bean & Cowpea
    • Trials on Garden pea
    • Trials on Brinjal
  • AICRP on Vegetable Crops - . To study the lycopene development in tomato fruits and standardization of packaging material for tomato and sweet pepper (K.P. Gopalakrishna Rao and S. Bhuvaneswari)
  • AICRP on Vegetable Crops for Physiological experiments Project Coordinating Cell on Vegetable Crops, IIVR, Varanasi (N.K.Srinivasa Rao,)
  • AICRP on Tropical fruit crops : Identification of viruses infecting Tropical fruit crops (M. Krishna Reddy)
  • AICRP on Floriculture
  • AICRP on Floriculture - Evaluation of keeping quality of fresh cut flowers and value addition of dried flowers through Identification of species and finding out feasible dehydration techniques for quality dried flowers of cultivated crops and wild species. (Sangama)
  • AINRP, Project on betel vine - DMPR, Anand and UHS, Baptala, BCKV, Kalyani and TNAU centers. (K.Hima Bindu)
  • Germplasm exchange, characterization, multilocation testing of varieties/technologies

PPV & FRA, New Delhi

  • DUS project on Developing national repository and creating facilities for DUS testing in mango, guava and litchi
  • DUS Testing of French bean
  • DUS Testing of Garden pea
  • DUS Testing of Brinjal
  • Establishment of National Rose Repository at IIHR
  • DUS – Central Sector Scheme – in Rose
  • DUS – Central Sector Scheme – in Chrysanthemum

ICAR Institutions

  • CISH Lucknow – Anthracnose (Colletotrichum),
  • CISH, Lucknow- ICAR Net work progress on ORP on sucking pests of Horticultural crops
  • CISH, Lucknow, Joint monitoring cicadellids and related homopterans in mango
  • CPCRI, Kasargod : Characterization of Phytoplasma associated with coconut root wilt disease
  • Directorate of Oil Seeds Research, Hyderabad, Leaf blight (Alternaria),
  • IARI, New Delhi - Leaf blight (Alternaria),
  • IARI, New Delhi : Coordinated research on ornamentals
  • IISR, Calicut - ICAR Net work progress on ORP on sucking pests of Horticultural crops
  • IISR, Calicut : Bacterial wilt diseases of solanaceous crops, pathogenic and genetic variations of the pathogen and its management under the “ORP on Phytophthora, Fusarium and Ralstonia diseases (RS) of horticultural and field crops”
  • Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kalyanpur, Kanpur - Leaf spot (Cercospora),
  • Indian Institute of Spices Research Appangala, Kodugu(Dist)- Anthracnose (Colletotrichum),
  • Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow - Red rot (Colletotrichum)
  • Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi - Early blight (Alternaria),
  • National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms - Endophytic microorganisms
  • National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms, Mau Nath Bhanjan - Culture repsoitory for Alternaria Colletotrichum and Cercospora
  • NBAII (PDBC), Bangalore - , ICAR Net work progress on ORP on sucking pests of Horticultural crops
  • NBAII, Bangalore : Experiments on biological control of horticultural crop pests and weeds
  • NBAII, Bangalore : Thefto semio chemical work
  • NBAII, Bangalore, Bangalore -Anthracnose (Colletotrichum),
  • NBAII, TNAU : Experiments are conducted for the control of pests of Horticultural crops using bioagents
  • NBAII, Bangalore : Identification of natural enemies
  • NRC for Banana, Transgenic banana for Fusarium wilt developed will be screened at NRC (Banana) by the pathologist Gene constructs (AMP) developed is shared with them
  • NRC for Cashew, Puttur - ICAR Net work progress on ORP on sucking pests of Horticultural crops
  • NRC for Citrus, Nagpur - ICAR Net work progress on ORP on sucking pests of Horticultural crops
  • NRC for Citrus, Nagpur, Molecular diagnosis of viroids
  • NRC for Grapes, Pune - Hybrids of grape developed from seedless material parent at our lab will be shifted to NRC for Grapes and used for further studies/analysis
  • NRC for Grapes, Pune –Anthracnose (Colletotrichum),
  • NRC for Onion & Garlic, Nasik - ICAR Net work progress on ORP on sucking pests of Horticultural crops
  • NRC for Orchids Sikkim– Anthracnose (Colletotrichum),
  • NRC for Orchids, Sikkim : Molecular diagnosis of Orchid viruses,
  • NRC for Pomegranate, Solapur Evaluation of Management strategy for the management of bacterial blight in pomegranate under the “NWP on Mitigating the bacterial blight disease in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh”
  • NRC for Rape seed and Mustard, Sewar, Bharatpur, Leaf blight (Alternaria),
  • NRC for Seed Spices, Ajmer - Alternaria Blight, (P.Chowdappa)
  • NRC for Seed Spices, Ajmer : Intercropping studies in annona orchards with seed spices will be implemented during the ensuing winter
  • NRCPB, New Delhi
  • NRCPB, New Delhi Bioinformatics & genomics
  • NRCPB, New Delhi, Use of different Bt gene constructs developed by Dr P.Ananda Kumar in Bt Brinjal & Bt tomato transgenics research
  • Sugarcane Breeding Institute Coimbatore - Red rot (Colletotrichum)

Government of India Projects

Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi

  • Breeding for novelty in carnation through in vitro approach
  • Validation of carnation varieties and molecular genetic analysis in carnation
  • Accredited test laboratory for NTCS for Tissue culture plants,
  • Development of combination formulation and consortium Bio-pesticides of Pseudomonas fluorescens and patenti
  • Transformation of onion Cv. Arka Niketan with chitinase gene for resistance to purple blotch

Department of Science and Technology , New Delhi

  • Popularising Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technology for Stone Weevil (Sternochetus magniferae) and fruit fly (Bactocera dorsalis) in mango (Mangifera indica) for high production and export from south India and Economic Upliftment of Rural Women
  • Popularizing Banana micronutrient formulation in the states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat through KVKs of respective States
  • Development of techno agents for the promotion of sustainable horticultural technologies Task force committee member

APEDA, New Delhi

  • Improvement of rose onion for export market Improved varieties of rose onion suitable for export market were developed along with production technologies.

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

  • Expression of recombinant protein and production of monoclonal antibodies with Dr. H.S. Savithri
  • Solid State and Structural chemistry unit - Structure elucidation of antifungal compounds in Ipomoea fistulosa.

Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Mumbai

  • Competition of roots between plants by banana planted under high density
  • Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture
  • Analysis of samples consisting of fruits, vegetables, rice, wheat, pulses, milk and water for pesticide residue contamination

CSIR project

  • Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute, Bhavnagar : Evaluation of sea weed sap in horticultural ctrops
  • Development of molecular markers to identify the bacterial blight in anthurium

NMPB, New Delhi

  • Coordinating cell, Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • Network project on RET medicinal plants ex situ conservation and sustainable-utilization in south and north east India RET
  • Dept of Ayush, New Delhi - Formulation of seed standards and standardization of seed testing protocols in medcinal aromatic plants)

Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore

  • Irradiation of export varieties of mango under different storage conditions and Quality and safety of fresh-cut vegetables


  • Promotion of protected cultivation of exotic vegetable through demonstration
  • Popularizing IPM of Mango stone weevil and mango fruit fly in Srinivasapura Taluk of Kolar district
  • Popularizing IPM of Mango stone weevil and mango fruit fly in Belgaum and Dharwad districts of Karnataka

State Departments and Universities

  • Avesthagen, Bangalore, Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • CMPR, Kottakkal-Kerala- Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • Cochin University of Science & Technology - Use of confocal microscope facility - Pious Thomas
  • Department of Horticulture, Government of Andhra Pradesh - APWELL project in floriculture
  • Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka - Capacity building and skill development
  • Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka - In the Development of Model Floriculture Village
  • Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka - Survey of Grape orchards for the status of Rust disease in grape var. Bangalore Blue.
  • IIT, Kanpur Bioinformatics
  • Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi- Leaf spot (Cercospora)
  • KVKs and Horticultural Colleges in State National Amla Campaign in Karnataka
  • MSSRF, Wyanad, Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • NEDFi R&D, Gauwahati, Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • NHM sponsored Network project on “Mitigating the pomegranate bacterial blight disease in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh”.
  • Rapinart Herbarium, Trichy, Annamalai University, Chidambaram- Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • S.V. Agricultural College (ANGRAU), Tirupathi - Early leaf spot (Cercospora)
  • Sri Sathya Sai University, Prashantinilayam campus, Puttuparthi Ananthpur - Chemical analysis and proximate composition of new Pleurotus species and mutants developed at IIHR, Calocybe indica and Hypsizygus ulmarius
  • TBGRI, Palode, Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • TNAU, Coimbatore: Molecular diagnosis of vegetable viruses
  • UAS(D), Dharwad, Net work project on RET Medicinal Plants
  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur, Karnataka - Leaf blight, (Alternaria)

IIHR, Regional Station, Hirehalli & Gonikopal

  • For Multiplication and popularization of IIHR developed varieties: IIHR developed varieties of tuberose and gladiolus were multiplied and supplied.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mysore and Belgaum

  • Multiplication and Popularization of IIHR developed varieties of tuberose, gladiolus, rose and crossandra- Its evaluation

Private Industries

  • Paid up trial by Sree Ramcides Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, Chennai – 17 on : Evaluation of ALLWIN WONDER AND ALLWIN TOP On Growth And flowering of Tuberose
  • Hindustan pulverizing mills ltd, Delhi- Trials on Bioefficacy and Phytotoxicity studies of Super XL against chilli diseases
  • Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd- Trial on Evaluation of Taegro against wilt and soil borne diseases*
  • M/S Indofil Chemicals Company :Evaluation of bio efficacy of fungicidal molecules for the management of (i) Powdery and Downy mildew diseases in grapes (ii) Disease complex in Pomegranate
  • M/S Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd. : Evaluation of bio efficacy of fungicidal molecules for the management of Powdery and Downy mildew diseases in grapes.
  • M/S Coromandel International : Evaluation of bio efficacy of fungicidal molecules for the management of Powdery and Downy mildew diseases in grapes
  • M/s. Excel Crop Care Ltd., Mumbai - Evaluation of Cel-fresh tablet (0.18% 1-MCP) for extension of shelf life of mango, tomato and roses.
  • M/s Dolar Engg Industries Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, Best Engineering Technologies, Hyderabad, M/s National Agro Industries,Link Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, M/s. Guru Nanak Agriculture Implements Mfrs.,Jalandhar (Punjab), Kisan Engineering Works,Dhule, Maharashtra, Rajdeep Agri Products Pvt.Ltd. New Delhi, Velkan Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, Dev Agro Tools Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru, Karnataka, M/s SRICOMPS, Bangalore - Commercial fabrication of Nursery Machinery, Tansplanter, Weeder, Fruit harvesters, Raw Mango processing machinery, Mushroom span Production Machinery for
  • Ushodaya Enterprises Ltd. ( Priya Pickles) , Vijayawada - Fabrication and supply of machinery for mango pickle making
  • Nutrine Sweets P. Ltd. Bangaore- Fabrication and supply of machinery for fruit bar cutting


Centre for natural biological resources and community Development (NGO) - Development of bio-control strategies for the management of wilt disease complex in tomato and capsicum