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Commercial China aster varieties are Kamini, Poornima, Shashank and Violet Cushion. The seed can be obtained from IIHR, Bangalore.

Cut flowers suitable for inter-cropping are China aster and Chrysanthemum.

Cultivar 'Dhiraj' is resistant and cultivars 'Darshan', 'Kum kum' are moderately resistant to Fusarium wilt disease.

Nitrogen to be supplied through urea, Nitrate, fertilizers in gladiolus cultivation.

Yes, Gerbera suckers can be used for multiplication.

Crops suitable for polyhouse cultivation are rose, carnation, gerbera, orchids and anthurium.

Yes, Chrysanthemum can be grown for ratoon crop.

There are no rose varieties to obtain long stems under open cultivation.

  • Promising varieties of jasmine can be obtained from Dept. of Hort. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.
  • Nursery men's  Co-operative Society Lalbagh IIHR, Bangalore .