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Capacity Building Programme on “Cultivation and Propagation of IIHR Varieties of Roses” under RKVY Programme

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A capacity building programme on “Cultivation and Propagation of IIHR Varieties of Roses” was held on 29th March 2022 at ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru. The programme was organized under RKVY project entitled Dissemination of Horticultural production technologies through extension approach for enhancing livelihood of farming community”. The purpose of the training programme was to provide “Hands-on-experience” regarding cultivation and propagation of rose ICAR- IIHR rose varieties to farmers, Officials from Karnataka State Horticulture Department, Bangalore Rural District comprising SADH, ADH, Horticulture Officers, Assistant Horticulture Officers, Horticultural Assistants, various farm staff, students etc.  Farmers from Bellary and Mandya have also participated in the program.

Dr. Tejaswini P, Principal Scientist, Division of Flower and Medicinal crops delivered the welcome address during the inaugural programme and enlightened the farmers about the importance of rose cultivation and propagation. Dr.R.Venkattakumar, Principal Scientist and Head, Division of Social Sciences and Training, and PI of  RKVY project briefed about the need and purpose for conducting this capacity building program and stressed upon the importance of institutional linkages for effectively reaching out various technologies and services to farmers through RKVY. This was followed by self-introduction by the participants who have registered for the programme. As a token of encouragement, Dr. B.N.S Murthy, Director, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru distributed a kit comprising budding knife, secateur and field cap to all the participants. Dr. B.N.S Murthy, Director, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru in his presidential speech motivated the trainees for adoption of advanced technologies and mentioned the importance of timely availability of quality planting materials of roses to farmers. The inaugural programme concluded with formal vote of thanks by Dr.Safeena S.A, Senior Scientist, Division of Flower and Medicinal crops.

After the formal inaugural programme, hands-on-training cum method demonstration on production and propagation of rose varieties with special emphasis to budding was given to all the participants.  Training included all the steps of planting material production in detail starting from rising of root stock, selection of buds, budding and maintenance of budded plants.  Field visit to demonstration block of ICAR-IIHR was also arranged for the participants. There was an interaction between participants and scientists at the end of training programme where in the doubts raised by the participants were cleared. The trainees expressed their gratitude towards ICAR-IIHR for continuous support in implementing various floricultural technologies in their farm.

Capacity Building Programme was coordinated by Dr. Tejaswini P. and Dr. Safeena S.A.