• Ridge Gourd - Arka Vikram F1 hybrid

    • This ridge gourd hybrid has been identified for release by the Institute VTIC during 2016
    • Early flowering and first female flower appears at 9th node from the base of the vine
    • Takes 40 days for the first female flower appearance and 46 days for first picking of fruits
    • Produces green, long, tender fruits
    • Excellent cooking quality, nutritionally rich in antioxidant activity and minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese.
    • Yields 34.0 t/ha in 120-135 days duration

  • Rose - Arka Ivory

    It is rose variety Ideal for cut flower production under protected cultivation. Potential yield of 110 fls/ It is moderately resistant to mites.

  • Rose - Arka Pride

    It is a cut flower rose variety suitable for protected cultivation Potential yield of 120fls/

  • Ridge Gourd - Arka Prasan

    • This open pollinated ridge gourd variety has been identified for release by the Institute VTIC during 2016
    • Early flowering and first female flower appears at 9th node from the base of the vine
    • Takes 34-35 days for the first female flower appearance and 42-45 days for first picking of fruits
    • Produces green, long, tender fruits
    • Excellent cooking quality, nutritionally rich in antioxidant activity and minerals like phosphorus, Calcium and zinc.
    • Yields 26.0 t/ha in 120-135 days duration

  • Rose - Arka Sukanya

    It is a fragrant rose variety with 0.22% of concrete yield in fresh flowers. With floriferous nature and being tolerant to pest and diseases, it is ideal choice for garden display. The variety has potential for various forms of aroma extraction and aroma therapy.

  • Lemon - Rasraj


    Rasraj is an inter-specific polyembryonic hybrid developed for resistance to bacterial canker disease by breeding. The hybrid derives genes for canker resistance from the Nepali Round lemon parent and other characters from the acid lime parent. The fruit is yellow coloured, weighs on an average about 55 g containing 70% of juice and 12 seeds. The rind is thicker than lime. The acidity is 6% and TSS is around 8°B.

  • Pomegranate - Ruby


    It is a multiple hybrid of pomegranate developed for aril colour and seed mellowness. A fully grown plant of Ruby is about 2.72 m tall and less spreading (4.7 m). The mature fruits resemble in size and shape the fruits of cv. Ganesh, however, the skin colour of Ruby is reddish brown with green streaks. The rind is thin (0.24 cm), fruit contains red bold arils (37.2 g/100 arils) which yield (72%) thick (1.83 cps) dark red (4.71 at 540 nm) sweet (16oB) juice having tanin content of 173 mg per 100 ml juice. Under Bangalore conditions its performance is comparable with cv. Ganesh in respect of seed softness (2.19 kg/cm2), fruit weight (270 g) and yield (16-18 tonnes/ha). Better adoptability to milder climate.

  • Custard Apple - Arka Sahan

    Arka Sahan

    It is a progeny of Island gem (Annona atemoya Hort.) X Mammoth (A. squomosa L.). Arka Sahan fruits come to harvest in September-October and mature fruits (210 g) take about 6-7 days to ripe. The skin has a waxy bloom, light green in colour, moderately thick (0.5 cm) with large, flat eyes. The creamy white colour flesh is juicy with mild pleasant aroma and tender with scarce seeds (9/100 g) and large segments. The edible pulp is remarkable for its sweetness with 22.8% total sugars and measures more than 30 B as against 24 B in Mammoth. A 100 g pulp of Arka Sahan contains 2.49 g of crude protein, 42.29 mg P and 225 mg Ca against 1.33 g, 17.05 mg and 159 mg respectively in Mammoth. On an average, 12 tonnes of fruits can be harvested / ha. and resistant to drought.

  • Guava - Arka Rashmi

    Arka Rashmi

    It is from the cross Kamsari x Purple Local. Thi hybrid is prolific and early bearer than its parents. Medium sized (180-200g) globose fruits with deep pink pulp, and medium soft seeds with TSS (12° Brix) high lycopene and ascorbic acid (235mg/100g) content coupled with excellent taste. It has yield potential of 30-35 t/ha

  • Guava - Arka Kiran

    Arka Kiran

    It is from the cross Kamsari x Purple Local. The pulp is firm and deep pink in colour. Fruit weight is on an average about 90-120g. The TSS is around 13-14 and keeping quality is good.

    • The plants are bushy erect The whole pod edible.
    • Resistant to both rust and powdery mildew.
    • Pods flat, parchment less, crisp and sweet.
    • Yield potential of 8 t/ha Duration of 80 days
    • Plants erect, bushy, photo insensitive, early with pods above the canopy.
    • Pods green, medium thick, medium long round, tender, fleshy with out parchment.
    • Good cooking qualities.
    • Yield potential of 19 t/ha Duration of 70-75 days
    • A F1 hybrid of the cross 15 SBSB x IIHR 1614 Plants semi-determinate. Light green leaves with good canopy. Fruits medium large(70-75g.), round with light green shoulder. Deep red firm fruits. Suitable for both fresh market and processing. High yielding F1 hybrid with bacterial wilt resistance. Suitable for rabi season Duration 140 days Yield 76 t/ha.
    • Indeterminate with a plant height of 80-90 cm Dark green Foliage Fruits straight, smooth with pointed tip, 7-9 cm long Fruit colour green changing to deep red Yield: 25t green and 3 t dry chilli/ ha Resistant to powdery mildew and field tolerant to viruses.
    • Deep orange roots with self colour core.
    • Smooth root surface Conical shape Root length 15-18 cm, root diameter 3-4 cm TSS 8-10% Carotene content 11.27 mg% Tolerant to powdery mildew and nematode.
    • Flowers and sets seeds under tropical condition.
    • Yield potential of 15 t/ha Duration of 70 days
    • High yielding chilli F1 hybrid developed by using MS line.
    • Plants medium tall (95 cm) & spreading (82.5 cm).
    • Fruits long (13.2 cm) with 1.3 cm width.
    • Fresh yield 38.4t/ ha and dry yield of 6 t/ ha in 140-150 days.
    • Fruits are light green, turns red.
    • It is the offspring of Sunrise Solo x Pink Flesh Sweet. It was selected from F14 generation. Hence, seed can be produced by bagging the hermaphrodite flowers or by crossing the female flowers with hermaphrodite flowers. The plant is gynodioecious in nature with no male plants. Fruits resemble Sunrise Solo in shape. The plants are shorter compared to Solo. Skin is smooth, becomes uniformly yellow in colour on ripening. Fruits are medium in size of about 600 – 800 g with a small fruit cavity. Pulp is about 3 – 3.5 cm thick, deep red in colour and sweet with a T.S.S. of 13.5 – 15°brix. It does not have the odd flavour. Keeping quality of fruits is good. Yield per plant is approximately 55 – 65 kg (60 – 65t/acre).
    • Developed through back cross and pedigree selection involving the Parents Hebbal Avare x IIHR 93. Plants dwarf, bushy, erect and photo insensitive.
    • Flowers purple.
    • Pods long, light green slightly curved, Without parchment.
    • Vegetable type with excellent cooking qualities.
    • Tolerant to low moisture stress. Duration 75 days. Pod Yield 12 t/ha
    • Selection from a local collection from Hazipur, Bihar. An early tropical cauliflower variety. White, compact curds. Duration 60 days. Yield 22-25 t/ha.
    • This hybrid is a cross between Angur Kalan and Black Champa . 
    • The plant is vigorous. 
    • On bower system of training at 3 m x 3 m planting distance, its yield potential is about 38 tons/ha and 34 kg/vine. 
    • Time required for harvest from pruning is 160-163 days. 
    • The bunches are well filled, weighing an average of 370 g/bunch, deep tan coloured, uniform round berries, having 2-3 small seeds per berry and bold roundish berries weighting on an average 7.7 g. T.S.S. from 18 to 20o Brix and acidity from 0.4 to 0.6 per cent. The pedicel attachment is very good and hence can go for export. All the buds are fruitful and therefore no specific pruning requirement. It is suitable for head system of training and possible to take two crops in a year. This hybrid is tolerant to Anthracnose disease. This was released in the year 1994.