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Endophytic and Molecular Microbiology – 1. Tissue culture systems in horticultural crops with reference to management and exploitation of endophytes. 2: Use of endophytic bacteria for alleviating Ralstonia wilt in tomato (Ongoing)

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  1. Management of endophytic microbial contaminants associated with in vitro stocks and exploitation of beneficial organisms for improved regeneration response
  2.  Alleviation of Ralstonia wilt in tomato exploiting antagonistic endophytic bacteria

Dr. Pious Thomas


Dr. C. Aswath


  • Somatic embryogenesis from immature seeds in papaya & management of microbial contamination during micropropagation:Somatic embryogenesis from immature seeds in papaya cv. Surya showed promise as a means for rapid clonal multiplication of such elite genotypes. Embryogenic callus induction was attained in 60% seed-stocks. Mature embryos showed rooting to the extent of 40-60% in different batches and the rooted plants showed acclimatization in to the extent of 70%. Plants put in the field showed 60-75% establishment and the field plants showed flowering by 4-5 months.