Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Evaluation of indigenous strain of fungal pathogen Beauveria bassiana against Helopeltis spp on guava, cashew and tea

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  • Developing mass production technology for guava mosquito bug
  • Laboratory and field evaluation of   B. bassiana against Helopeltis spp . on guava and cashew and H. theivora on tea (IIHR and TRA, Assam)

Dr. Ganga Visalakshy.PN

  • Dr. P.S.  Bhat, PS, Entomologist,, NRC cashew,     Puttur
  • Dr.A Babu   Deputy Director (Research), TEA RESEARCH  ASSOCIATION, North Bengal Regional R & D Centre, NAGRAKATA - 735 225, Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal.