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Technology Description

  • Plant tissue cultures are supposedly aseptic. It is now established that tissue cultures could harbour diverse bacteria in non-obvious form.
  • Indexing procedure facilitates the detection of covert and endophytic bacteria in plant tissue cultures and to cull such cultures, thereby avoiding the risk of cross contamination from hazardous organisms.
  • It involves a 3-step culture indexing for the detection of culturable bacteria and take timely action to maintain the cultures active and healthy.


Products and By- products



Technology Benefits

  • Allows the timely action on minimizing the losses from microbial contamination.
  • Also improves the predictability and dependence on tissue culture protocols.
  • Widely useful for the cultures meant for export market and in vitro gene banks.
  • Serves as a tool verify the freedom from hazardous microorganisms while undertaking culture cleansing


Target segment /End User Profile

  • Tissue culture units
  • Diagnostics laboratories
  • Quality assurance
  • Quarantine agencies


Market potential

  • Helps the general tissue culture industry, and in particular those agencies / firms involved in export of tissue cultures or TC plants.


Investment Required

  • Investment in the form of bacteriological media and culture plates; May cost about Rs. 20-50 for testing one culture. Cost can be reduced by indexing a number of cultures in a plate.


Expected Returns/Profit

  • Microbial contamination is the most serious limiting factor in tissue culture production units. Safeguards against unexpected loss of culture due to microbial contamination
  • Savings from the avoidance of loss of precious cultures which other wise could have cascading effect on the production and timely supply.
  • A typical example is the salvaging / revival of 3x watermelon cultures after 10 years of culture initiation. 15 year old culture is being maintained now with good multiplication rates.


NB: This facility can also be extended as paid service to interested firms