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Value addition to seeds through pelleting

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Seed pelleting is done to make small, light and oddly shaped seeds into bold, heavy, more uniform and round seeds so that pelleted seeds can be planted in an accurate and precise way.


  • Combination of vermi-compost, cow dung, red soil and clay powders as filler material and combination of methyl cellulose (1.5%) and Polyvinyl alcohol (3.0%) as adhesive material were used to get firm, smooth and almost round pellets of carrot and onion seeds.
  • The size and weight of pellets were increased to 3-5 times of non- pelleted seeds as a result separation of individual seeds was easy during sowing. Seed germination showed no difference between pelleted and non pelleted seeds
  • Seed rate could be reduced by 1/3rd  by pelleting


Technologies         Technologies

Pelleted              Non-pelleted                      Pelleted                           Non-pelleted    

                Carrot seed                                                    Onion Seed



Technologies      Technologies

Carrot and Onion crops raised from direct sown pelleted seed