Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Surveillance and management of Mango, guava and underutilized fruit crop Pests

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  • To monitor and identify key pests on fruit crops including underutilized ones
  • To study spatial and temporal distribution patterns and host-pest interactions
  • To develop sustainable IPM strategies for management of major pests

Dr. P. V. R. Reddy


Dr. P. D. Kamala Jayanthi

Dr.  K. Achala Paripoorna



  1. An IPM involving crop sanitation, male annihilation technique and  pre and post harvest treatments was standardized for management of Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis in mango and guava. The technology was demonstrated in hundreds of hectares across the country.
  2. Host plant resistance mechanism for fruit fly in mango has been studied.
  3. Bioecology of sapota seed borer, Trymalitis margareas was studied and an IPM involving time bound application of botanicals and chemicals was developed.
  4. Comparative efficacy of entomopathogens, neem and synthetic chemicals was studied for the management of grapes thrips. Interspecific associations and host plant interaction of mango hopper complex was studied.