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Development and refinement of production technology of fruit crops

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  • 011(1) Canopy architecture for higher productivity (mango and grapes)
  • 011(2) Enhancing productivity through integrated nutrition, high density planting and crop regulation (Guava, jamun, grapes, annona and fig)
  • 011(3) Exploitation of stock-scion interactions for canopy vigour management and sustainable    productivity (Mango, guava, annona and jackfruit)
  • 011(4) Optimizing water productivity and nutrient dynamics through integrated water and nutrient management of fruit crops (mango, grapes and sapota)
  • 011(5) Organic production of fruit crops (mango, papaya and sapota)
  • 011(6) Intercropping systems in young orchards (Annona, mango and sapota)





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Target for 2014-15 in Quantifiable Terms

Important Achievements

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To enhance the productivity through management of canopy architecture


Integrated high density planting in mango (cv. Alphonso)

Productivity enhancement to 5.58 t/ha during the fifteenth orchard year achieved at 1111 trees / ha with canopy vigour restriction using Vellaikulamban rootstock, from 1.28 t/ha at conventional planting density of 100 trees / ha.

Cane regulation in grapes

In Flame Seedless, halting mother cane to 4 buds while in Sharad Seedless, halting to 5th bud and developing single sub cane gave the best results with optimum bunch weight, number of berries  per bunch  and berry size


To enhance productivity through high density planting, integrated nutrition and crop regulation

High Density Planting in Jamun cv. Dhupadhal

Highest planting density (4000 plants/ha.) recorded higher values for growth attributes and Land Utilization Index (131.81%).

Planting density trial in fig

Fig productivity increased from 12.5 to 30 quintals/ha. in Poona and from 25.5 to 48 quintals/ha. in Deanna with increase in planting density from 500 plants to 1000 plants per hectare.


To exploit stock-scion interaction for canopy vigour management and sustainable productivity

Rootstock trial in mango (cv. Totapuri)

For eight years old Totapuri trees, maximum canopy vigour was with Turpentine and Olour rootstocks while least was with Nekkare followed by Vellaikulamban. Fruit yield was highest on Turpentine followed by Olour rootstock and least on Nekkare followed by Kensington and Vellaikulamban rootstocks.

Rootstock evaluation in jackfruit

Jack on jack, jack on Rudrakshi and jack on A. hirsuta were on par with respect of plant height while A. hypergyrea recorded least vigour parameters.


Organic production

 of fruit crops

Organic production of mango cv. Alphonso for sustainability and viability

Fruit quality parameters were affected and best treatment was 100% RDF as FYM+Azo+PSB+ VAM)


Inter-cropping systems in young orchards

Inter-cropping studies in pre-bearing orchards of mango

Maximum pod yield was with Cow pea followed by Dolichos and Red gram.


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