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Arka Meghana performance in farmer’s field at Nanjanagud Tq., Chamarajanagara Dist., Karnataka

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Arka Meghana performance in farmer’s field

Arka Meghana, a high yielding CGMS based chilli F1 hybrid cultivation is taken up in Chamarajanagara district of Karnataka by 60-70 farmers covering an area 30 to 35 acres of land. The hybrid was well accepted for its yield potential, fruit quality and powdery mildew resistance. In the first harvest farmers could harvest 1.25-1.5kg per plant and subsequently 3-4 pickings were taken up with an average of 25-30t green chilli yield per acre. Further, the farmers are happy as the variety is suitable for dual purpose (both for green and red chilli market), which is of great use when green chilli market is down.

Chilli F1 hybrid seed production in Farmer’s fields under seed village concept

CGMS based F1 hybrid seed production of two chilli F1 hybrids, Arka Harita and Arka Meghana fetched bumper seed yield of 150-180g per plant in Ranebennur dist. The farmers could harvest 50kg of F1 hybrid seeds from 350 plants fetching Rs. 1,50,000 from a net size of 80x100mtrs. Using powdery mildew resistant CGMS line, the seed yield obtained was good with less input cost (labor & pesticides).




Seedling production of Arka Meghana on commercial scale

Mr Murthy has sold 3-3.5 lakh seedlings during 2017 and says there is huge demand for this hybrid in Chamarajanagara area